A moon withnot the mare, art by misteraibo.
A moon withnot the mare, art by misteraibo.
three mascot fillies posing for a smile together

My Little Pony Convention


Philadelphia Area

Two hills A hill

FillyCon welcomes you to Pennsylvania's first My Little Pony fan convention. We will be hosting 3 fun-filled days of My Little Pony themed activities. More information will be coming soon! Stay tuned for updates:

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Meet our Mascots


green filly headbust with unicorn horn and brown hair wearing glasses

Benny is an intuitive colt who loves to read and dabble in science. His keen perception helps to keep himself and his friends out of trouble, but often, it’s not enough.

Benny's Superpowers

Freedom Belle

yellow filly headbust with curly blonde hair wearing an american flag bowtie

Belle is a carefree filly whose boisterous attitude can be quite contagious. While being very outgoing, she also has an artistic spirit. She loves her hometown of Fillydelphia and strives to make it a better place for everypony.

All about the Liberty Bell


brown filly headbust with brown hair wearing red boxing gloves

Rocky is more of a lover than a fighter, though you’d never know at first glance. He is very passionate about two things: Friends and food!

Climb the Rocky Steps